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Please click on the icon Download to download the KristalBall scoring system. Display module and server module are for network and TV display. All of these programs require activation code to work. Please contact us for activation code for a 3 months free Trial.

Release Date Software Downloads
25/09/2010 Scoring System (Can be standalone without server) Download
21/04/2010 Display Module Download
08/02/2010 Server Module v2 Download
26/04/2010 User Manual Download
18/05/2010 Repair DB (For repair corrupted database) Download


  1. The Windows system should be Windows 98 & above.
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file to executable program file.
  3. Execute the executable file to install KristalBall module.
  4. Use KristalBall shortcut in desktop to startup system. You may require to Run as Administrator (right click) to start up system.
  5. A Software Registration screen will appear for user input.
  6. mail the 12 digits Registration ID to or
  7. We will send Activation Code (88 characters) and password to you to use the system
  8. Copy and paste the Activation Code into the Software Registration screen to activate the system.
  9. You can delete the “keycode” module in the KristalBall folder to re-do the above steps.
  10. Please refer to User Manual/Guide (Please Download) for system usage.

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